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Air Tour

No matters how old you are, 16 or 60, we offer you the adventure to fly and learn the first lessons in aviation. For us the flying is magic that lasts forever. We want you to join us and to discover that magic inside you.

The planes we are flying are Cessna and An-2. The Cessna is single-engine, four-seat plane with which you can feel the pleasure of flying. When you fly on this plane, the feeling of liberty is growing inside you. That makes us sure you will return to taste again the thrill of flying.

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Maybe you have never heard about The dry Rivers near Silistra? But when you see them you will be amazed by the this natural phenomenon very close to us. You will fly over canyons and rock monasteries. You will be shown how the rivers had created amazing natural forms in the rocks and how these forms are about to disappear. You will dive close to those forms and then back high in the sky to watch them from bird’s eye view.

With us you can combine an adventure flight with the joy of the flying as never before. Flying in a jet plane you cannot feel the dynamics and the liberty in the sky. With us you can tell that you have flown not just in a big, metal hermetic box but you have managed to take in your hands the freedom of movement.


The classic An-2, twelve place biplane, is modified for skydiving. The skydiving can be practised only with your own equipment and by skydivers with experience.

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Flight School

Have you ever dreamed about piloting air plane? You can do it with us! Y

ou will learn about and test some of the basic manoeuvres and instruments on our planes.

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